Our Team

While working in the synthetic grass industry, Braxton constantly witnessed one thing that all of his customers had in common. They couldn’t resist the urge to instantly take off their shoes and walk around on the different types of grass. The sensation always gave them a grin from ear to ear, and after months of seeing this, he thought to himself — What if people could always have this unique and enjoyable sensation, not only in their yards, but every step of their day.

Braxton grabbed some scrap turf and glued it to a pair of old beat-up sandals. The first pair of TurfToes was born.

Tanner Eley

Co-Founder & CBO/COO

He's the brand and the ops.

Braxton Norwood

Co-Founder & CEO

Provides direction, vision, and leadership for TurfToes.

Morgan Givney

PR & Media Coordinator

She has a passion for social media and public relations!


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